Postcards from Time and Space – Review

This October sees the release of Doctor Who Postcards from Time and Space a box set of 100 postcards published for the BBC by Penguin.

A full review and pictures of each postcard follows.

The box set features 100 postcards, the images primarily coming from the recent two series’s featuring Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor, although there are a few cards with characters or stills going from as far back as the 2005 Christmas special featuring the Sycorax, except for the regeneration postcard between the 10th and 11th Doctors, there are no actual images of the previous two Doctors played by Christopher Eccleston (9th) or David Tennant (10th) which may disappoint some fans.

Each postcard is nicely printed in colour and measures approx 10cm x 15cm and comes on quality thick card, on the back is one of five printed stamps (see image right). Naturally as on normal postcards there is space below the stamp area to write the name and address of the person you would be sending the card to and on the left hand side an almost blank side for a message to the recipient, there is the usual copyright message on each card and the bottom left contains a line of text relevant to the card for example the Logo card has the text ‘The Doctor Who Logo’ while the Davros card says ‘Davros – creator of the Daleks’.

The outside of the box is very similar to that of River Song’s Journal in that it is TARDIS blue with panels and has a wood grain effect. The Doctor Who logo can be found on the front and the side as well as 18 small examples of what you can expect in the box. The size of the box is approximately 62cm x 26cm and wouldn’t look out of place on a book shelf containing Doctor Who paperback books. Open the box and there is a ribbon that assists you with the removal of the postcards, on the inside of an empty box it shows an image of the current TARDIS interior.

This is a very nice release, one that many young fans and collectors will definitely enjoy, some of the postcard images do seem to have just been added to fill the box, it would have been nice to have seen a few more images of past Doctors and Companions however it is great value for money and recommended for Doctor Who fans of all ages, a great item to put on a Christmas list! Click here to see images of the postcards you get inside this fantastic box set.

For a RRP of £14.99 you get 100 Doctor Who postcards that as the tagline says – ‘Send them to your friends, stick them on your wall, or keep them as a classic collectable!’ – this works out to a very reasonable 15 pence per postcard if bought at the full price however a quick visit to 123 Price Check and you can find this box set for as low as £9.99 reducing the cost to just 10 pence per postcard! On top of this you get a very well built collectors box to keep them in or to store other items in when empty.

BBC Books from Penguin

  • Format : Boxed set of 100 Postcards
  • Publisher: BBC
  • Published : 06 Oct 2011
  • ISBN-13: 978-1405908290
  • RRP: £14.99